Hi, my name is Cara.

I'm a 25-year old Freelance Designer and Web Developer. Let's make the internet great again.

Sudo Website

Description A website for Sudo, a Non-Profit that hosts free coding workshops targeted for women.
Objective Design and develop an informative website for free workshops, including a home, events, workshops, press, blog, and contact page.
Client Sudo
Year 2016-2018 (ongoing maintenance)
Tags Branding Development Mockups UI Design

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Ridding Solutions Website UI Design Review

Description A UI website design review for the data consulting firm, Ridding Solutions.
Objective Provide recommendations on how to improve the user experience of the existing website design.
Client Ridding Solutions
Year 2018
Tags UI Review
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Crowdbabble Analytics Dashboard

Description A mockup redesign of Crowdbabble's social media analytics dashboard.
Objective Maintain the existing layout/structure of the existing dashboard and renovate the look and feel of the site to reflect a modern theme.
Client Crowdbabble
Year 2017
Tags Mockups UI Design

Crowdbabble Sign-Up and Payments Form

Description A mockup design of Crowdbabble's sign-up and payments form for onboarding Ninjababble users.
Objective Design a simple, intuitive sign-up and payment form per the technical requirements (form elements) provided, and maintain the overall design of the existing analytics dashboard.
Client Crowdbabble
Year 2017
Tags Mockups UI Design

MHR Website Mockup and Usability Testing Plan

Description A mockup redesign of the MyHomeworkRewards website and a usability testing plan to collect user research on the product.
Objective Enhance the aesthetics of the existing site with modern design elements and principles, and provide a gameplan on how to collect user feedback on the new product.
Client MyHomeworkRewards
Year 2017
Tags Mockups UI Design UI Review
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Festiee Website

Description A promotional website for Festiee, a rewards program that allows you to claim your points for festival tickets.
Objective Design and develop a home page per the requirements (content, structure, and colour schemes) provided by Festiee.
Client Festiee
Year 2016
Tags Development
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Johnnys Hamburgers Website

Description A website for Johnnys Hamburgers (class project).
Objective Create an online presence for Johnnys Hamburgers by designing and developing a website that maintains and invokes a nostalgic feeling that customers associate with the Johnnys Hamburgers brand.
Client N/A
Year 2014
Tags Development UI Design
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