Cara Falcon
I like designing and developing websites.


A 24-year-old front-end developer / designer / jedi on a mission to make the Internet a better place to live, one website at a time.

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HTML CSS Bootstrap Adobe Photoshop
Sudo is a Kingston-based initiative with the mission to create a community where women can learn to code together.

  A Basic To-Do List

HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript jQuery
A basic to-do list with the functionality of adding items and checking them off as completed. Also allows users to delete items from the list.

  Raptors Entourage

HTML CSS Bootstrap
A 2 person project. My involvement focused mainly on the front-end development.

  Johnny's Hamburgers

HTML CSS Adobe Photoshop
A mockup of a Johnny's Hamburgers website for a class project.

  Assorted Graphic Design Projects

Adobe Photoshop
Projects ranging from promotional Facebook cover photos, presentation slides, and mobile application mockups.


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